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Hi Yuuvis Team

I would like to add some custom actions to the reference client, either in custom code or using the plugins. I would like them to be displayed in a separate section and not in "Allgemein". I saw that there is a property "header" and "group". The header does not seem to have any effect at all. The groups seem to be predefined and if not "common", actions don't appear at all.

Is this possible somehow? Can I display my actions in a section other than "common"?

Kind regards

P.S. There is still a TODO in the documentation for custom actions. Will there be more details soon, describing which property does what?

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Hi Nicole,

group must be 'further' instead of 'common' :-)

Best Regards,
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Hi Martin

Thanks for the hint. I will use 'further' for the moment. I take it that custom sections / grouping of custom actions is not possible currently?

Kind regards
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Hello Martin

If I change the group to further the actions cannot be clicked anymore. As soon as I change it back to common, it works again. Is there something else that must be changed?

Kind regards

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