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Hi all,

we have a use case where we import data from en external system into yuuvis momentum. Some values are delivered in different languages (en, de, fr) and we need to show the value for the correponding users, according to the langauge settings in the client.
I planned to implement a field for every language and then hide the fields that are not used in the form.
Is it planned to support the modification of the visibility of specific fields in the form script?
Or is there some other way to reach this?

Thank you for your help.
Regards, Mathias

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Hi Mathias,

we are currently not looking forward to supporting something like catalog values in yuuvis MOMENTUM that should be shown for each language as is in yuuvis RAD.

Best Regards,
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Hi Martin,

thank you for  your answer.
Is it then possible to hide specific fileds in the form script?

Regards, Mathias
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Hi Martin,

I am sorry but this is also not possible.
You may work with containers and put such somewhat more invisible fields into the second tab.

Best Regards, Martin

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