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Hi Yuuvis-Team

Since webhooks don't support access to documents we thought using interceptors might be a solution. But we are only able to access the rendition and not the original document. Is this possible or planed?

We have the following usecases:

  1. We would like to exract data to enricht the metadata. Example title.
    (Send the document to an analytics-api or extract addional data from an eml-file etc.)
  2. Generate multiple objects based on the original document.
    Zip upload, or email with attachments etc.
  3. Convert the original document in an other format. 
    Convert to an archivable format for example pdf2a and replace the original document.

Best regards


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Hello Stefono,

With an interceptor, you can hook into the processing in both directions. Please have a look at this documentation:


Best regards,