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Hi Yuuvis Team

We would like to set a different default storage for each of our tenants. Is this possible somehow or is the idea here to write a "dms.request.objects.upsert.storage-before" webhook?

If a webhook is the idea, how can the repositoryId be set during the initial import? Is this possible / documented somewhere? I am assuming the repositoryId can be added to the contentStreams? But it would be nice to see the official documentation for this.

Kind regards

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Hi Nicole,

It is not possible to configure different default repositories for individual tenants. However, the default repository is used only if no 'repositoryId' is specified in the 'contentSteams' properties section of the import JSON.
>> content stream properties documentation

As you already mentioned, you can add or modify the 'repositoryId' during the import process via a 'dms.request.objects.upsert.storage-before' webhook.
>> webhook documentation

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