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Hi Yuuvis Team

Before Winter 2021 admins could see buttons for adminstration of client plugins, translations etc. on the settings page of the Yuuvis Momentum Client. Since Winter 2021 this is missing by default, but looking at the code, I figured out that if I append "?config=true" to the URL (https://my-url/client/settings?config=true) they become visible again.

Our administrators are somewhat confused by this. Why was this changed? Can this be configured somehow? Are these buttons going to be removed completly in the future?

Kind regards

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Hi Nicole,

These features were temporarily put into the client but should be offered within the architect. So we hid the buttons now but we weren't able to bring the feature into the architect yet.

Administrators can upload the files using Web-API Gateway APIs, or will get the hint for using "?config=true" as you mentioned in your question after asking us.

Sorry for the irritations.