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When using a decimal parameter, the default separator in the client is dependent on the client's user settings. When German is selected, it is a comma and when English is set, the separator is a point. Can this be changed?

The use case is this: In Switzerland, the language German is used, but the separator for decimals is a point and not a comma.

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Just to let others know as well a short notice here: 

We found a way to handle this. 

  1. We had to add this sub-culture language with iso code de-CH into the code.
    1. Because we needed only a few lines of code we decided to deliver this feature with the next hotfix for 2021 Winter LTS as well as for 2022 Spring. So you need to update the client or rebuild your custom client with the hotfixed client libraries.
  2. You have to add this language in the main.json as documented on the help page.
  3. A user has to push the button as configured for this language.
    1. You can add an additional de-CH.json language file for the client labels but must not. If not given, the de.json will be used.
    2. It is not possible to configure the custom localization for de-CH but that that for de is used as well.
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Hi Mathias,

We have checked whether it is easily possible to configure this but we are so sorry there is some more need for more coding to bring up different de-language files to work.

We need more time to analyze what to do exactly. Please send youe Change Request to pm@optimal-systems.de so we can process this correctly.

Thank you
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Hi Martin

Thank you for your answer. I wrote a mail as a change request.

Regards, Mathias