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Hi Yuuvis Team

I would like to allow users to create a new object based on an existing one. Because I already know the objecttype and that there are no files, I would like to skip these steps. Is this possible somehow with the reference client? Either via an URL, or also via a Plugin action.

For the action I have tried the following, but I cannot manage to skip the steps. Is there some way to do this? Maybe also directly via. the yuv-object-form?


      "id": "yuv.custom.action.test.label",

      "label": "yuv.custom.action.test.label",

      "description": "yuv.custom.action.test.description",

      "priority": 0,

      "icon": "<svg height=\"24\" viewBox=\"0 0 24 24\" width=\"24\" xmlns=\"http://www.w3.org/2000/svg\"> <path d=\"M0 0h24v24H0V0z\" fill=\"none\"></path> <path d=\"M4 10h12v2H4zM4 6h12v2H4zM4 14h8v2H4zM14 14v6l5-3z\"></path> </svg>",

      "range": "SINGLE_SELECT",

      "isExecutable": "(item) => { return item && item.id && item.data['system:secondaryObjectTypeIds'].indexOf('tenTest:xxx') >= 0; }",

      "buttons": {

        "finish": "yuv.custom.action.workflow.start"


      "plugin": {

        "component": "yuv-object-create",

        "inputs": {

          "objectTypePreset": "() => { var objectType = component.pluginsService.systemService.getObjectTypes().filter(t => t.id == 'tenTest:xxx' && t.floatingParentType == 'tenTest:yyy')[0]; var present = { objectType: objectType, data: parent.selection[0].data }; return present; }",

          "files": null,

          "contextId": null


        "outputs": {

          "objectCreated": "(status) => { debugger; }"




Kind regards


P.S. We are using the Winter2021 Version.

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I managed to get my use case working by using the yuv-object-form directly. This does not allow the possibility to add a file, but is good enough for my current use case.