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Hi Yuuvis Team

I would like to upload multiple files to one document. The contentStreams property is an array of objects, so I thought this would be possible.

"contentStreams": [{
            "mimeType": "message/rfc822",
            "fileName": "upload.eml",
            "cid": "cid_63apple"

But when I try to upload multiple contents, I get the following error message:

UnprocessableEntity: Unprocessable Entity


  "service" : "repository",

  "httpErrorCode" : 422,

  "errorMessage" : "only one contentstream allowed per object. number of contentStreams: [2]",


Is there a way to upload multiple contentStreams?

Kind regards

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Hello, Nicole,

yuuvis Momentum supports only one file per object.
The API is designed to be used for different implementations. Another implementation that is currently under development is for enaio. Since multiple files are possible there, an array is used at this point.

With kind regards
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Hi Andreas,
that sounds great. Is this a step towards the notion a a compound object. Where multiple different documents, e.g. .docx .jpg, share an identical lifecycle (versioniong)?


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Hello, Dennis,

no, it's not. We are working on designing the API so that it can be provided by both yuuvis Momentum and enaio. This will result in the properties described above.

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Great! Thanks for the clarification.