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Hi Yuuvis Team

We are brainstorming on how to get a unique property in Yuuvis Momentum. We tried out the example you provided in your webhook here: https://github.com/OPTIMALSYSTEMS/yuuvis-momentum-example-webhook
But sadly, when using the search service the values are not immediatly updated and it is still possible that the same value is created multiple times. For example when a user accidentally double clicks, two users create it at the same time, search service is slow updating, etc. We would like to ensure that the value is unique in every case.

We would preferr not directly accessing the database, so that permissions, tenant and other logic does not have to be implemented again by us.

Is there a better way to do this / to query metadata "real-time"?

Kind regards

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For those interested, we have solved this using the inteceptor introduced in the Winter 2020 Release. We manually call the registry service and react to its success/error response.

Interceptor: Documentation

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Hello, Nicole,

meta-data in real time does not work in Momentum, because the system is based on eventual consistency.

This must be done by an external synchronization mechanism.
What are the exact requirements?

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Hi Andreas

We have a unique tracking ID from an external system. Of a specific object type only one object may be created per external ID to guarantee traceability. If the external system tries to create the same object twice, we want to return an exception.

Kind regards