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Hi Yuuvis Team

We would like to deploy our own Custom Microservices into our Yuuvis Cloud. There is a section in the developer Portal about this, but I am not sure where SAM is in the Yuuvis Core version.

So is the template.yaml required and if so, where can I find SAM? And if not, is there anything else to be considered?

Kind regards

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Hi, actually there is no SAM tool in yuuvis Momentum. The mentioned article is a little bit outdated and refers to the old on-premises roots of yuuvis Momentum. Your custom microservices should be deployed using standard Kubernetes toolings like Helm or plain YAML deployment descriptors.

What still applies are the conventions for Spring Boot services that use the Eureka service discovery features that we ported to Kubernetes. You can still use these features for easier service discovery and consumption in the yuuvis services ecosystem.

When deploying services you should use your own Kubernetes namespace to avoid collisions during upgrades for the yuuvis core services.

We will upgrade the article and will give more practical guidelines for service development. If you are interested in creating services for webhooks and interceptors in yuuvis Momentum please have a look at the following examples:

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