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Hi Yuuvis Team

We have Yuuvis Momentum 2.3 installed and are using FSOTs. When using a required field on the base type, we cannot create an object using the client. After selecting the document and continung on "Uploading file(s) for further processing. You can conclude the filing process in the next step." we always get an error due to a required field before being able to fill out any metadata.

http://<server>/api-web/dms/create returns 422 { "service" : "registry", "httpErrorCode" : 422, "errorMessage" : "A required property is missing. property='tenYuuvistest:suggestedType'", ...

Am I missing something in a configuration or is this not supported? If not, will it be supported in the future?

Kind regards

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Hi Nicole,

currently, it is not possible to use required fields that are not set while creating the object.

I am sure that Andreas Dunkel does not have a plan for such behavior that the required attribute will become active only after creation. So if needed write a change request to pm@optimal-systems.de

Best Regards,
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Hi Martin

I would like to set the required attribute during creating, but currently the client does not display them so I can't.
My process works just fine if I do it via a Microservice or Postman. But the client does not give me a possibility to set fields at create time.

For example I have a type called "Document". Each document has a content (pdf) and a document number which is required.
At a later time I would specify that this Document has the FSOT "Invoice" or "Letter" and enter the addtional fields.
But at creation time I would just like to upload the content and set the document number.

Kind regards
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Hi Nicole,

currently, we don't support any preprocessing step in the client when using FSOTs.
Has the user to specify the document number?
If not maybe a web-hook can do this before creating the object. I will speak with our Core-Team whether this is possible.

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