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Hi Yuuvis Team

I would like to know if there is an overview of the types which can be used for the System Hooks and when exactly they are triggered. From the examples I have gained an insight of two or three hooks, but it would be nice to know what other possibilities there are.

E.g. object.insert.document for the AMQP or and for a Web Hook.

Kind regards

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Hi Nicole, please use the following documentation:

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Hi, thanks for the reply. Two questions about the documentation:
1. Can all Web Hooks also be used as AMQP Hooks?
2. And will there be more Hooks in the future? For example to get notified when a document is updated or deleted?
Kind regards
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To answer my first question : No, AMQP Hooks and WebHooks are different. The only AMQP Hook currently supported to my knowledge is "object.insert.document".
And the working link is:

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