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Hi yuuvis team

Is it possible somehow to provide a default configuration for the hit list of a specific type of an application schema? For example if I have a type "user" in an application, I automatically want all users searching for "users" to see the username in the search result list, without having to configure it themself. Is this possible somehow? In the options some settings have an import and export button, but this isn't available for hit lists.

Kind regards

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Hi Nicole,

currently, we do not offer an export of the standard configuration settings for result list columns and filters.

But you can use this endpoint of the Web-API Gateway to do this for e.g. the column setting for the object type tenKolibri:qadocallsinglefields :


The calling user must be one of that tenant you want the data being exported and needs the role YUUVIS_TENANT_ADMIN

Kind Regards,
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Since Winter 2021 default columns and filters can be set via the settings.