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Hi yuuvis team

I would like to have some more information on deleted documents. The only reference I can find to deleted documents in Yuuvis Momentum is in the CMIS-Base Query Language:

Within a default search, all objects marked as deleted will be excluded (DELETED_DOCUMENTS_EXCLUDE). By using the optional field handleDeletedDocuments this behaviour can be changed in including this objects  (DELETED_DOCUMENTS_INCLUDE) or delivering only deleted objects (DELETED_DOCUMENTS_ONLY).

This raises a few questions, the most important for me currently being:

  • How long do deleted documents stay in the system?
  • How can and should deleted documents be cleaned up?
Kind regards

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Hello Nicole,

Documents are deleted immediately.
Documents that are to be deleted are first marked in elasticsearch so that they can no longer be found. Afterwards the data is removed from the database, the repository and the elasticsearch. Then the call comes back.
About the commander can be checked whether it came here to inconsistencies.