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Hi Yuuvis Team

In my Microservice I am listening to a new AMQP Queue to process new documents. This basically works great, but when I look at the body of the message the Microservice receives, there are some weird characters before the JSON body starts. Do you know why I have this weird prefix? Do you suggest using something different from RabbitListener to listen to the Queue?


@RabbitListener(queues = "${yuuvis.queue.name:lc.processing}")
public void processMessage(Message message) {
  var mapper = new ObjectMapper();
  String body = new String(message.getBody());
  LOGGER.debug("Received messsage body: {}", body);
  var dmsObjects = mapper.readValue(body.substring(body.indexOf("{")), YuuvisResponse.class);

And the Log Outputs (not exact, some characters are not visible):
Received messsage body: Sw±¿{"objects":[{"properties":{"system:objectId":{"value":"66abc037-fb73-4854-9b3a-9df92f3dcc70"},"system:baseTypeId":{"value":"system:document"}...},"contentStreams":[{"contentStreamId":"BE22CB6A-9F51-11EA-9667-CDEE767074DA","length":19378,"mimeType":"image/tif","fileName":"test.tif","digest":"DDE1502E285351CDC06DC374EA88AA462468AD4BAD01484B7516AB7DE7B0D38C","repositoryId":"s3"}]}]}

Any ideas what could be causing this?

Kind regards

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Hi Nicole. this looks weird. Can you please check on the AMQP version used in the listener (yuuvis only supports 1.0)? And please also check object vs string serialization.
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I noticed that I already have the weird prefix when I use a tool to peek at the queue, such as: https://www.queueviewer.com/
So I don't think it's on my side.